11 September, 2011

Achievement unlocked: achievements implemented!

Unfortunately there are no real life achievements or else I might have gotten one today for implementing an achievement system for the The Ball Is Too Fast.

I have to say the Game Center framework provided by Apple is really solid and easy to work with. So, kudos to them! I think it gives a nice extra incentive to play the game.

The achievements will be available when we release the patch.

25 July, 2011

Progress moving along swimmingly

As the topic title suggests, things are moving along pretty well. With all the working on the old stuff, there were some new ideas as well. We're not sure yet what will make it in, as we have decided to finish the what talked about previously first. I am, however, hopeful, but until I can tell for sure... Mum's the word.

I think that everyone who liked the game will love what we're doing with this update!

13 July, 2011

We are modern indie developers

So modern even, that we now have a Facebook page for the game! Check it out here and like it, if you like it. :D

While I was at it, I figured I'd create a Twitter account too. Follow us! Good will come of it, I promise, maybe!

Meanwhile, work continues. So... Back to work!

06 July, 2011

2 Posts in one day? Is he trying to compensate for something or something?

The fine folks at findmysoft.com reviewed our game!

The url is glorious, so I'll leave that intact, instead of doing that fancy one-word hyperlinking that people do!

Check out that fancy badge! Thanks so much for the review!

You want a title? Here's a title!

Oh, we are such silly geese. I mere 2 weeks ago I was all like "Ah yea, we're updating the game and all that" and-- Oh... That was last year, you say? It's now July 2011?


WE'RE SORRY!! Truly! Bad form, Level'D, BAD FORM!

So what has happened in those months of absence? Well, Daan finished his school work and now has summer vacation! I have... *cough* Well, moving on!

I can now say that work has begun on the update which I can now also say constitutes a bundle more levels,  portraits redone, achievements, a Lite version. We also tweaked the way teleporters work. Previously, a ball would enter a teleporter and instantly come out the other one. Now there is a tiny delay and a visual cue to show where the ball is going to show up from. We're also adding an easy and normal mode to the girl levels, though those won't net you any 3D trophies. If anyone else has anything they'd like to see, send us a message at: contact@leveld-games.com or simply leave a comment.

28 December, 2010

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Okay, so maybe too late for Christmas and too early for New Year, but with times being full of celebration, it's very likely I will end up forgetting. Both Daan and I want to wish everyone the very best! Have lots of fun, don't do anything too illegal and be safe. Until next year!

Robot life-style fun facts:
- Robots know approximately 2 kinds of dances: The Robot and the Robo-Boogie.
- Robots can't get hangovers.

20 October, 2010

An update about an update!

Hello dear readers! It's been a while since our last post, so time for an update. In the near future we'll be updating 'The Ball Is Too Fast, The Game Is Too Slow, The Name Is Too Long' Daan is adding achievements and I will be redoing all the character portraits because, well... They kind of suck. Last but not least, we'll be releasing a Lite version. Then you can try out the game, see that it's actually quite good and then buy it!

Quite good, you say? Prove your arrogant statement. Well...

AppSpy.com says 4 out of 5!

148Apps.com says 4 out of 5 also!

iPhoneFreak.com says 4 out of 5 too!

Wirebot.com says 9 out of 10!

Top10.com says 9 of 10! Is that cheating? Maybe, but still proud!

SlideToPlay.com does not give us a grade, but still said: "So far, we're having a blast with TBITFTGITSTNITL. If you fancy yourself as having quick reflexes, be sure to check it out."

Awesome. Thanks, folks. Speaking of reviews, the user reviews we've been getting haven't been to shabby either! We're so incredibly glad that people are enjoying the game. Now if only we could get more people to look at it, hmmm.

Well, one thing you can do is tell your friends! If you liked the game and think more people should play it, just tell them about our game, or threaten them. If they're all like, "Why are you doing this? Who are you?! I have a family, please don't hurt me!" you might have overdone it, but just show them our game and all will make sense.

Please note that we, here at Level'D, in no way condone socially unacceptable behaviour like, for example, pistol whipping someone into getting our game. That is bad and not acceptable. (Thanks for the sale though!)

03 October, 2010

We made a trailer!

So it's a trailer. Enjoy!

26 September, 2010

GameReleased = true;

Although it's a misty grey day, we are happy to say The Ball Is Too Fast is released! It's been a long road, with many hardships and struggles, but we made it. No, actually, making this game was extremely fun, and we really hope people will enjoy playing it.

You can find the game on iTunes.

21 September, 2010

Release date? It's decidedly so!

Daan and I are proud to announce that 'The Ball Is Too Fast, The Game Is Too Slow, The Name is Too Long' will  release on September the 26th. It is surely a day that will live in infamy. A day that future generations will look back on, as they sip Space Martini's, overlooking our blue jewel, from their Space Balcony™ in space. They will look at each other and nod in agreement, that on that day... That is where it all began.


It'll just be another Sunday, but dammit if we aren't excited!!