26 September, 2010

GameReleased = true;

Although it's a misty grey day, we are happy to say The Ball Is Too Fast is released! It's been a long road, with many hardships and struggles, but we made it. No, actually, making this game was extremely fun, and we really hope people will enjoy playing it.

You can find the game on iTunes.

21 September, 2010

Release date? It's decidedly so!

Daan and I are proud to announce that 'The Ball Is Too Fast, The Game Is Too Slow, The Name is Too Long' will  release on September the 26th. It is surely a day that will live in infamy. A day that future generations will look back on, as they sip Space Martini's, overlooking our blue jewel, from their Space Balcony™ in space. They will look at each other and nod in agreement, that on that day... That is where it all began.


It'll just be another Sunday, but dammit if we aren't excited!!

10 September, 2010

Hello World! Here is a status update.

Wow, time flies so fast! No messages since June 9th, yikes.

However, we are in fact still alive. And I can also tell you that our first game, The Ball Is Too Fast, is finished!

Head over to our games section for additional information.

A release date will follow soon. As soon as we know it ourselves!